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Cory Levin

Spoken Client Advocate

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Cory Levin became a part of the WADHH in 2023.  With a bachelor's degree in political science and an AS degree in General studies. He came to the organization with previous work experience in Client Advocate and media coordinator. 


In my free time, and especially on weekends, I enjoy socializing. Going out for a cup of coffee or for some healthy snack, meeting friends. My work is sort of a lonely ride, and when I am not working I try to make up for the time I spend alone with my 7 years old dog named Duke. And He's an Aussie blue heeler cattle dog. I consider myself an outdoorsy type and I'm a very adventurous person, I take a bicycle and go for a ride, or hit the swimming pool and spend an hour in the water. I enjoy endurance outdoors a lot, the feelings after a good physical effort. 

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