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Services & Resources

Services and resources are provided to meet the needs of individuals of diverse backgrounds such as employment, housing, transportation, financial services, and communication accessibility. WADHH commits to provide full communication accessibility for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind, and Hearing Loss Communities. WADHH provides interpreter services, Social Events, Support Groups, Education and Outreach Services, Case Management Services, Information, and Referral, Assisted Listening Devices Program, Telecommunication Program (TED), and ASL classes.


WADHH aims to provide resources and services to Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing individuals within four regions. The following resources and services are provided at no charge:

• Communication Assistance

• Advocacy Services

• Crisis Intervention

• Coordination of Services Delivery

• Financial Assistance


Community Advocates can provide either in-person or virtual outreach services and community education to educate Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing folks as well as those who serve them. The following subjects for presentations could be done by any of our four regional service centers:

• Deaf Awareness and Sensitivity Training

• Health and Wellness

• Personal Safety and Self Protection against Crimes, Scammers and/or Exploitation

• Communication and Coping Strategies

• Call your local regional center for more!


WADHH is more than happy to provide information and referrals upon your request for things like:

• Assistive Communication Technology (ACT) Program

• Telecommunication Equipment Distribution (TED)

• ADA Laws

• Referral services to different agencies based on your specific needs


• Immigration Services
• Social Security Office
• Basic Needs (housing, bus, etc.)
• Access to Health Care
• Independent Living Skills
• Employment Resources
• Activity and Social
• Contact any Community Advocate for more!


• St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
• ASL Game Night
• Tax Day
• Fun Game Day
• Contact the Front Desk for more!

Regions, Public Computers & VideoPhone

All WADHH regional centers have a public VP and computer for public use. Please email to make an appointment to use either the public VP or computer.



WADHH Mission Statement

The Mission of WADHH is to improve the walks of life and advocate the civil and linguistic rights of Diverse Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Deaf Plus, Hard of Hearing, and Late-Deafened individuals in Washington.

Department of Labor Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, transportation, public accommodation, communications, and governmental activities. The ADA also establishes requirements for telecommunications relay services.

Washington State Legislature RCW 49.60.060

Known as the ‘Law of Discrimination’ A state agency is herein created with powers with respect to elimination and prevention of discrimination in employment, in credit and insurance transaction, in place of public resort, accommodation or amusement, and in real property transactions.

WADHH Information

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WADHH Brochure

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