Farewell Maribeth Jensen

Our Community Advocate Coordinator, Maribeth Jensen is no longer with us. She decided to leave Washington for a life changing opportunity. The fact is that I met her in Austin, Texas in 2012 where she was seeking resources and services from an agency where I worked. We formed a friendship until our paths took a different direction, and we lost the contact for some time. We met again in 2017 in Spokane, WA for a short time. She used to work for an non profit agency in Spokane, WA. Several months later, she became one of WADHH staff. I have seen how much she has grown personally and professionally in the past three years. Being in Vancouver, WA gave her opportunity to have a healing journey. Now, she is on her new journey where she will have a new chapter of life somewhere else. She will be greatly missed at work, and I am sure that she will do great in her new life in a different state. It may be bittersweet farewell, but it is not the last time as we will eventually bump up somewhere else in a different time.

In this newsletter article this is to let you know that I (Maribeth) will be departing from Washington Advocates of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WADHH) at the end of July. I moved to the Pacific Northwest almost four years ago and have enjoyed the opportunities for growth and development that were passed along during these times. During these times, I enjoyed meeting clients and learning how to develop new forms, keeping track with monthly reports, attending booths about what WADHH has to offer, giving educational workshops and working with the community advocates from each center and many more. I wish the community of Vancouver and nearby all the absolute best going forward as well as Washington Advocates of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Washington Advocates of Deaf & Hard of Hearing

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